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BIBLE MATTERS Meeting God in His word

Of course the Bible matters. It is God's word to us. It shows us how to please him. But how can we access its message? The author creates a sense of expectation so that reading the Bible becomes a Spirit-filled experience as we listen to the God of the universe speaking - amazingly - to us, to me, each day. The Bible is a living word where we encounter God. It is a personal word where we engage with God. It is a clear word - we can understand it, with the help of God's Holy Spirit. It is an intentional word, for God wants to achieve something through it in our lives. And it is a sufficient word, equipping us thoroughly for how we need to live. The Bible is a personal letter, medicine, a battle cry, a love story. And so, so much more. This book will enthuse you, even in those times when the experience of reading the Bible feels like hard work. The God of the universe is speaking to us intimately and personally - today.

CONFIDENT Why we can trust the Bible

Let's face some uncomfortable facts: many Christians can struggle with exactly the same issues about the Bible as their non-Christian friends. Is God in control? Can he be trusted? Is he moral? Does he care and can he speak into my life and my struggles?


Bestselling author, pastor, and radio host Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe shares his delight in God’s Word in this comprehensive, highly accessible guide to biblical interpretation and application.